JY Marine
Marine services for your Vessel on Phuket Island


Loxone Partner for Phuket Island

Please watch the video to get an overview:

  • We design, plan and install your automation system on your boat.
  • We provide you with an internet connection that allows you to monitor your yacht from anywhere in the world.
  • We upgrade, service and maintain your installation to whatever you need in the future.

Loxone Home Automation

  • Created 10+ years ago to automate private houses with ever growing features since
  • Thus, it is a mature product today, but hasn't reached it full potential yet.
  • It continuously develops into an automation solution for large building and living complexes as well as industrial building automation. 
  • Interfaces with standard sensors and actuators of different complexity. Learn more about the Loxone Products and various Use Cases on the company website.
  • The control components are build on 24 VDC, which is perfect for most boats since it already exists or can be produced from the existing power storage and supply easily.
  • Monitor your access, detect open doors or hatches, monitor your tanks and make sure that your are the first to receive and alarm, when water is penetrating into your boat.
  • Control everything like in your home, just from everywhere in the world.
  • It provides remote access via:

  • Phone or tablet app, available for iOS and Android

  • Apps for Windows, OSX, Linux (arm64, armv7l, x64, x86) and WearOS

  • Configuration and programming is supported via Internet

Note: The access via internet is designed for the highest standards of security. All data is stored locally in the system. No cloud based information sharing. Only login via DNS lookup so that your login/password combination defines your safety.