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Our Services

Our main business is Fault finding, Repair and Preventive Maintenance for any type of devices that has a power cable, whether it is AC or DC and you can find a detailed description in  Electrical Engineering.

However, if you look at a job rather from a project perspective, in many cases, you will need multiple experts on different subjects to work together to achieve the result. So proper Project Management is essential to achieve your goals and even 

Here are a few examples of how we support you in more complex work situations:

You want to change the lights and the control for them on you entire yacht or in a single room?
You will not only need and electrician, you will also need a carpenter or interior expert to open, modify and close the interior.

So let us know, if you want us to organize the work as a project, where we take the overall responsibility for the work result. 

If you have your own idea, how you want to run more complex work, talk to us and we will figure out a solution that is best for you.

Changing the laundry or galley appliances on your yacht can be a huge challenge. In particular if your boat interior was finished after the appliance where installed.
Now you have to remove a lot of interior to be able to replace your existing appliances with new one.

In this case, we are able to provide you with Miele Professional appliances, which are known all over the world for their reliability, service friendly design and life span. In addition, we can help you with interior modifications, which go hand in hand with the appliances by bundling it up into a project.

We are proud to be able to offer you this automation system, originally design for homes. In the recent years, it developed into a universal automation system that can be used for any form of system automation, because it is highly scalable and versatile like a Swiss Army knife (made in Austria). 

If you still think, that Loxone has nothing to offer to your yacht, think about how relieved you would be, if you can monitor your yacht, while you are not even in the country and know exactly what is going on with it.

We can design and install this automation system on your boat and off course, we will take over the maintenance and improvements. You can start small with some essentials for the monitoring and scale it up to control and monitor any system which you would like to have with remote access. All through the the same system, which is now available for almost 10years and still growing.

We are the only autorized partner for Loxone products in the region.
We design, install and service these systems which provide the highest automation level in the market.
The system provides local and remote access and is designed to protect your privacy at the same time.

The ultimate fun water sport vessel for playing on the surface and diving down to up to 40m. The most silent under water scooter provides you not only with an unmatched new diving experience, but also let the kids have fun on the surface.

We provide the high service level that is needed to keep a SEABOB safe and reliable. We are the only service partner in the SEA area and able to come to your location, if you can't bring it in to our location (once the times of Covid-19 travel restrictions are over).

We only use spares directly provided by the factory and comply with the training standards for the product service.

We are the only authorized service partner in South East Asia. You can send your unit or we come to pick up/drop off, if your location is on Phuket Island.
We can send a certified technician for repair on individual request to virtually any location in the region.